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Telephone On-Hold music

There is absolutely no doubt that the telephone is our number one method of communication when doing business. Even internet companies still require the back up of a telephone call centre and after viewing a glossy web site, what a let down it is to then telephone a company, get put on hold and find the dreaded “green sleeves” blipping away in your ear.

Many small businesses use the local radio station and pipe that out to customers without realizing that they are supposed to actually pay a license fee to do this. If it’s a tiny little company, they will usually get away with it but for bigger organisations, they have to either pay the license or look towards an alternative.

The best alternative is to obviously have some tailor made music created for them, with professional voice over to not only enhance the company image but to even prompt for additional sales.

Please click on the following links for examples of our on-hold music with voice over by our own artists:

South Star Music Limited


Option 1 - Music Only (6 minutes) or music and narration
using your own “voice over” artist recorded at our studio £99.00

Option 2 - Music and narration (6 minutes) using our in
house, professional voice over artists (male or female) £199.00

Option 3 - Music and narration (6 minutes) using agency
freelance professional voice over artist (male or female) £399.00

If you require anything different from the above including longer, shorter pieces, help with scripting etc. Please contact us for a confirmed price. Please note, the music and voice over are issued to you by way of a licence for a period of one year. There will be a renewal price after 12 months at 50% of your original price.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance.


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