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TV & Film Music

Every single television or video production contains, in some form or another, the use of music to give it more impact. This could simply be a theme tune, the use of music to create atmosphere, or musical interludes to break from sketch to sketch.

From an educational video to a full scale TV series, music is necessary to fill spaces between speeches, create emotions and add punch. If youíve ever seen a TV or video production before the soundtrack has been added, it looks very empty and lacks atmosphere.

At South Star Music we have experience in film and television theme music, musical scores, corporate videos, educational programs and other such productions.

South Star Music can add music to your television or video productions that will make you proud of the finished product for a very competitive and budget conscious price. Too many music production companies fob off their clients with dull, library music that makes their production sound cheap and unprofessional. There is nothing worse than seeing a great deal of effort go into the filming, scripting and directing of a piece, just to see it swamped with cheap sounding dated music.

Donít let that happen to you, contact us to find out more about how we can provide you with individual music tailored to suit your production.



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