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Music and advertising go together hand in hand. Whether it is television, radio or other multimedia forums, advertising has benefited over the years from the use of music. Even top pop stars and composers are now getting in on the act with the likes of Moby, Paul Oakenfold, Jakarta and many others, either writing music specifically for an advert or having one of their songs or compositions used.

The trouble for many companies wishing to advertise is there isn’t always a middle ground. You either licence and pay through the nose to have the latest and greatest track on your advert or you settle for the same old sound churned out again and again.

Well not any more - South Star Music can give you the creative edge, the modern feel and the image you require by spicing up your commercial with the latest music. Our experience in the pop, rock, ambient and funk market means that we have the ability to produce the right music to hit your target audience right where you need it to. From the teenage magazine market to the sportswear, chocolate bar or financial services sector, we believe we can work with you to create an effective sound to create the right level of impact to the right person.

We are constantly working on the latest sounds, working alongside the latest artists and producing cutting edge records for them. We can deliver music with punch and respectability, not last years sound, not something that’s been and gone and sounds out of touch but something fresh and right now. In all areas of music the sound is constantly changing. Jazz becomes lounge, chill becomes breakbeat and the importance of not sounding dated has never been so important.

The problem with advertising on TV or radio is the expense. From putting the advert together to having it played out, costs can be very high, what you need is maximum value and we believe we give it. Just because your advert is going out on local radio or a smaller cable TV channel does not mean it should be second rate.

Using a professional voice over artist can give your project the “expensive” feel you may feel you want. Take a listen to a few of our voice over Demo’s and contact us to discuss further (Voice over artists supplied by Rich voices at

Cate Mackenzie

Sunna Yates

Justine Glenton

Contact us today and just have a conversation about what you want to achieve from your advertising. We’ll listen to you and try to offer you the best music solution to fit your advert


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