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Show Music

Fashion shows, product launches and special events can all benefit from the use of powerful music. Imagine on the day of your show or launch, opening the event with a tune, song or piece of music developed just for you. The impact from this alone will set your whole event up from the start.

Even if you don’t want one particular special piece of music we can mix you a compilation of the latest music to sit alongside your show. Whatever you feel will give you the credibility your company, product or service deserves, we’ll work hard to make sure we give you what you want.

We have flexible pricing packages, which go from single usage of a piece of music, to outright ownership and we can advise you on the best choice for your dependent on budget and number of uses.

Contact us and talk to us about your idea, your show or launch and we’ll put some ideas to you based on what we think you can achieve. We’ll not pass you on a 2nd rate piece of rejected music as many music production companies do, we’ll sit down from scratch with a blank canvass and build you something unique and powerful.


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