Artist Management

As record and publishing companies come under increasing pressure to become financially accountable, so it follows that these companies are increasingly looking for artists who are the ‘finished article’.

Artists who merely have potential are no longer getting signed and therefore present-day unsigned acts need a professional strategy in order to get the ‘deal’ they want which is where South Star Music can help.

South Star Music specialise in managing talented singer/songwriters and artists. We take singers and songwriters who are looking for help and assistance and who are highly motivated to achieve success in the music business. We offer top recording facilities, coupled with marketing, promotion and management.

Our management team has vast experience within the industry and the A&R departments of major and independent record companies - in short, we have both the knowledge and the contacts.

Our experience of unearthing unsigned talents and promoting established acts means we can both develop your talent and give it the profile it deserves.

Our offices and recording studio allow us to develop all aspects of your talent and present the total package to the industry. This will be aligned with a long-term artist strategy.

South Star Music is currently representing the following artists:


A young bright intelligent singer/songwriter with a lot of potential.


A young singer/songwriter with an amazing voice. Very reminiscent of Damien Rice, David Gray, etc.



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