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Why use royalty free production music?



When you purchase a CD it is licensed to you, not just your current project, so you can use the same CD on as many productions in the future as you like. Buy the whole royalty free music library and never pay any music licensing fees again! So many styles are covered including everything from a full symphony orchestra, to jazz, rock, pop, MOR, acoustic to name just a few.

What's so great about South Star Musicís royalty free library?

Quality is a priority - in composition, recording, performance, and audio mastering. All our royalty free music is written exclusively, recorded in our own high-end digital recording studio (although with the orchestra we did have to enlist the help of a larger facility!) using the most appropriate musical instruments whether acoustic or electronic. Listen to our high quality mp3 samples:

Royalty Free Production Music Saves You Money!

The South Star Music Royalty Free Music library can save you a fortune in licensing fees. No more needle-time worries, no more licensing or MCPS, no stress. All our CDs retail online for $65/£35. We also give great discounts when you buy more than 1 CD.

When Can I Use Royalty Free Production Music?

Our music is OK to use for TV programmes, Radio programmes, TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Websites, Media Presentations, Corporate Videos and DVDs, Training Videos, Personal Videos, Point of Sale Videos, Music On-Hold. The music is licensed to you or your company to use in your productions. You can read the full license and more details on our royalty free music license page.

The licence contained with our royalty free music CDs:-

"South Star Music grants the initial purchaser of this CD a licence to use the recordings within audio/visual productions, and includes all synchronisation and mechanical rights. This licence is not transferable and is validated by your proof of purchase. The recordings may not be shared, used as solo items, or incorporated into other music libraries. All rights remain the property of South Star Music. When submitting to Broadcasters, the composer names and track details must also be submitted in the usual way on the Cue Sheet, to enable the Broadcaster to notify the relevant Performance Rights organisation. This still costs you, as the initial purchaser, nothing. For further information or licence enquiries, please contact us"

Royalty Free Music Licence

TV Programmes
Radio Programmes
TV Commercials
Radio Commericals
Corporate Videos
Training Videos
Personal Videos
Point-of sale videos
On-hold music

As with all music, public performances must be notified with your local performing rights organisation - click here to find your nearest. If you aren't sure what a "public performance" is, ask your local society - if the public can hear the music, then it usually counts as a "performance" but there are different interpretations around the world. Follow the link to your local Performance Rights society to check their local terms if you are unsure.

If you're not sure whether your use falls within the licence terms, contact us and we'll advise you.


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