Haley is 18 and was born in Plymouth. She is curently studying nursing at Southampton University. Hayley was singing from a very early age in the choir and at age 14 she joined the Italia Conti Associates Stage School in Plymouth and studied singing for 3 years. Hayley has been writing lyrics for songs since she was 15 and when she was 16 her family paid for her to record a demo demo and she has wanted to get back into the studio ever since. Since that time she has progressed her singing and writing as well as her confidence.

Some of Hayley's inspirations include Joss Stone, Eva Cassidy and Britney Spears. She loves the way they perform and admires the success they have acheived.

Hayley's aim it to secure a record deal and will continue to pursue this until she has achieved it.

Hayley co-wrote "Dirty Dancing" with Stewart Dugdale of South Star Music.

  Dirty Dancing

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